Real Estate Website Design

    • Custom Email Addresses
      Get your own domain email addresses.
    • MLS Board Listing Integration
      Thousands of listing will be published on your website automatically.
    • Social Media Capability
      It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page! We ensure that people can share your website and homes to their own network of friends with all the popular social networks!
    • 24/7 Customer Support
      Web Studio is a customer focused company. Our support team is available round the clock to help you with any queries or concerns.
    • Self Managed Website
      The concept of self-managed websites is to put you, the customer in control of your website, by providing a custom made website which the customer can manage themselves, without needing to understand website coding.
    • Mortgage Calculators
      This feature will enable your clients to calculate how much they need to borrow and what will be the cost when applying for a mortgage.
    • Automatic Property Updates
      Get real time updates with this feature.
    • IDX Listings Integration
      By integrating listings to your site, you will brand yourself as a source for all listing information. Our IDX search tools will set you above the crowd and cause your buyers to get excited about your website.
    • IDX Access To 20,000+ Listings
      IDX gives you the power to automatically display Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings directly on your website. Adding MLS listings to your website is a great way to leverage the power of your local MLS inventory.
    • Individual Property Pages
  • Printable Feature Sheets
    In one click you can print branded feature sheets straight from your website listing pages.

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